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 Tired of the cookie cutter TV home design shows and ideas? Want to create an unique space that is You? Your personality? We know how you feel. You Want something new and fresh that has not been done a million times over. Nailed It! Designs is here to bring "Life to Your Visions"

 We are family owned and operated. We want to personalize your space not just decorate it. We dedicate ourselves to helping you make your home, Your home. With over 20 years in construction and the remodeling industry.

Nailed It! Designs is a company to handle all of your home decor and installation needs such as window and door trim, crown moldings, wainscoting, picture hanging and accent wall painting. One of a kind handmade home decor pieces.  If you have an idea, and need help executing, Nailed It! Designs is here to help you.



From plain to Nailed It! With simple additions of moulding in the right places, attractive painting and the Hammer on the Nail of Home Decor!


Your Visions become Reality.

With Nailed It! Designs, Your world becomes brighter!

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